About Mai Ram Yoga Ashram

The video discloses the entirety of the activities at the Mai Ram Yoga Ashram and the true essence of yoga

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The Mai Ram Yoga Ashram is a sacred place, a consecrated home of Guru Mai Ram Devi (Skt. गुरु माई राम देवी) of the Aghora Kapali Nath yogi sampradaya, where Mai Ram performs a spiritual practice (sadhana). Since 2009, Mai Ram Devi has conducted the sadhana at the Hari Ram Ashram in Varanasi, India, and since 2010 at the Mai Ram Yoga Ashram initiated by the sampradaya in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Since ancient times, an ashram (Skt. आश्रम, āśrama) has been a consecrated place of a tradition for spreading the authentic teaching of yoga. An ashram is not an ordinary place, it is inseparable from the teaching of a tradition passed on by a Guru initiated by that tradition.

The Mai Ram Yoga Ashram is a place of the Nath yogi tradition that fosters the classical teaching of yoga. People gather at the ashram to gain the knowledge of yoga teaching, which helps to preserve health, develop awareness and nurture spiritual values. 





 Ašramo Guru salė