Tirtha Yatra with Guru Mai Ram to Varanasi and Allahabad 2019 m.

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January 8 – 23, 2019 


Tirtha (Skt. तीर्थ, tīrtha) in Sanskrit means a sacred site, while yatra (Skt. यात्रा, yātrā) denotes a journey. One can have many journeys and pilgrimages to sacred sites in life. A visit to a sacred place is not yet a sadhana (Skt. साधना, sādhanā ‘spiritual practice’). A Tirtha yatra only becomes a sadhana with the Guru’s initiation, then one comes into touch with spiritual knowledge.

A journey to a sacred site with the Guru is a journey to the knowledge of the self. Tirthas refer to certain cities, temples, confluences of holy rivers, mountains, rocks, lakes and some other sites where divine power and miracles happen. Tirthas are sacred sites that open up the power of meditation and spiritual knowledge. 



Watch a short film: Luminous Kashi – Holy Land of Varanasi


Varanasi is one of the oldest and most sacred cities in the world. The scriptures refer to this place as the eternal dwelling place of Lord Shiva.

Varanasi, also called Kashi, is the place of Aghora sadhana, and is considered one of the most sacred cities in the world.

In Varanasi, like anywhere else in the earth, in one place and at the same time you can feel the breathing of life and death. From the Old Town, going down a staircase, called the ghats, to the holy river Ganga, and walking slowly along it, you can observe many manifestations of life and death. In the places of cremation, along with the cremated body, all that was important in human life is burning – desires, plans for the future, attachments to relatives, and all that raised emotions, concerns and made to hurry somewhere… Everything turns into smoke and ashes in this place, forcing the living people to stop and reflect on eternal and temporary things …

Unnoticeably, the glance turns to the flowing waters of the Ganges, where the ashes of cremated people, flower garlands, candles, sacrified to the sacred river, float downstream; where the pilgrims get into waters for forgiveness of sins; and where the locals carry out the most casual actions of everyday life, such as washing themselves or doing the laundry…

For yogi, Varanasi is the tirtha (sacred place) for meditation, for perception of the essence of
existence, revealing the secret of the land of Varanasi – the state of Shiva.




 Greetings from the Holy Land of Varanasi, October, 2018




Those who wish to participate in Tirtha Yatra must register by phone. +370 640 41 669 or email info@mairamyoga.lt
When registering, please indicate your full name, telephone number, e-mail address, where you practice Mai Ram Yoga and who teaches you Mai Ram Yoga.