Mai Ram Yoga praktikos


Classical integrated Mai Ram Yoga represents a synthesis of yoga practices that help people to seek self-knowledge.




Mai Ram Yoga is a yoga practice, which assists one with mastering the human’s physical and mental nature, taming the mind and senses, and liberating consciousness from limitations of body and mind, this way revealing the kowledge of “True Self”.

By practicing the Mai Ram Yoga, people can feel a transformation in themselves which is manifested as growing awareness, acceptance of challenges, the ability to perceive reality and adapt to life changes.

The inner state undergoes a change: tension disappears, focus is developed and correct insight into phenomena emerges. For many people, the Mai Ram Yoga becomes a tool that helps to understand the self and phenomena of the surrounding world, preserve physical and mental health and feel the full joy of life.




The result of Mai Ram Yoga practices is attained gradually: without mastering one transformation of consciousness, it is not possible to achieve the next and more complicated level of focused consciousness. Changes are slow to come about in practice. Therefore, it is important to have correct attitude, to arm oneself with patience and develop personal discipline of yoga practices.

Focused practicing brings sweet fruit that help the practitioner to strengthen the body and cleanse oneself of impurities of consciousness, illuminates with the light of knowledge, awakens insight and the ability to see the world in light of reality.