Yoga Retreats

Withdrawal to Seclusion

A retreat is withdrawal and isolation driven by the desire for self-knowledge.


M.R.Y. Retreat

A retreat is a practice of seclusion aimed at the development of the self and spiritual knowledge. It is a period when a human isolates oneself from everyday activities in the search for self-knowledge. Withdrawal and learning “at the feet of Guru” allows enhancing personal discipline, expanding of consciousness, understanding the power of transformation of thoughts and overcoming internal and external obstacles on the path to perfection.

Mai Ram Yoga retreats follow a system of Mai Ram Yoga retreat practices developed on the basis of the structure of five elements of nature. At a retreat, practices of each day differ by their special analysis of material nature, which broadens an individual’s existential awareness.  

Retreat practices include: discipline, observance of internal and external silence, meditation, karma yoga (unselfish act), training of asana and pranayama techniques, different procedures of body cleansing from toxins, learning control of the mind, rituals of worship and studies of classical yoga scriptures.

At a retreat, the living conditions are modest and sometimes austere (during a strict retreat). A light vegetarian diet is followed. It is important that persons who go to a retreat have a right motive for seclusion, which is necessary for self-development and perfection.



Yoga Camp for Families

Mai Ram Yoga vasaros jogos stovykla 2013watch the video here>>>

 Mai Ram Yoga camps are intended for parents with children. The purpose of the camp is the practising of yoga with the family. Parents and children are immersed in yoga practices from early morning till night. Not only parents but also children pursue self-development and self-perfection. Yoga teachers help children to understand the self and the surrounding world, the laws of nature and the order that exists in it, to develop correct views.

The teaching of Mai Ram Yoga provided at the camp broadens children’s world outlook. Art classes take place which give an opportunity for expressing and developing a child’s creativity. Children also have different practical yoga classes that develop their discipline, concentration, bodily health, physical and mental abilities.



Retreat for Mai Ram Yoga Teachers and

Those Seeking to Become Ones


A retreat is devoted to a meeting with Guru Mai Ram, the deepening of teachers’ knowledge and the development of personal practice, discipline and self-knowledge. The retreat may be attended by both Mai Ram Yoga teachers and persons seeking to become such teachers for the purpose of spreading the classical yoga teaching in the world.