Asana Practice Levels

The Mai Ram Yoga method of asanas is a physical and mental practice that helps to foster concentration and develop not only the body, but also the mind in order for the practitioner to overcome diseases, various forms of changes, to preserve the physical and mental health. A consistent practice according to the Mai Ram Yoga method of asanas gradually releases the accumulated tension from the body, anxiety, and a variety of other factors affecting personality. That is a unique feature of the Mai Ram Yoga practice of asanas, which is different from the worldly exercises, gymnastics or physical training.


The Mai Ram Yoga method of asanas is divided into five levels of complexity and self-perfection: 

Mai Ram Yoga Open

The Mai Ram Yoga Open practical method of asanas and pranayama is intended for all people who wish to begin practicing yoga. During the M.R.Y. Open class, people learn to breath correctly, to perform asanas and sequences of asanas. After the practice people feel the effect that promotes further progress and personal development. 

Mai Ram Yoga Basic


The Mai Ram Yoga Basic practice of asanas and pranayama is a more complex practice, consisting of deeper asanas and pranayama techniques, which develop concentration in order for a practitioner to gradually master the functions of mind and body. The M.R.Y. Basic practice helps to listen to the body and impartially observing oneself, learn to relax and release various forms of accumulated tension, and thereby positively transform the self.


 Mai Ram Yoga Basic for Children
The Mai Ram Yoga Basic for Children is the practice of asanas which is specially adapted for children. The yoga asanas practices help to develop children’s self-discipline, concentration of attention, improve and maintain health and train children’s physical and mental abilities.  

Mai Ram Yoga Basic for Pregnancy 
The Mai Ram Yoga Basic for Pregnancy is the system of classes which includes asana and pranayama practices intended for pregnant women. The purpose of the M.R. Y. practices for pregnant women is to help future mother to retain health, prepare for childbirth, concentrate inner peace and maintain harmony with the environment and the baby. 
Mai Ram Yoga Basic Therapy
Mai Ram Yoga Basic Therapy is asana and pranayama practice adapted for people who seek self-knowledge but have various health problems. M.R.Y. Basic Therapy asana practices teach focus of attention and self-analysis through the human body. These practices help to understand body problems, listen to oneself without causing negative emotions, but rather by learning to accept and observe oneself and one’s illness, difficulty or pain in a biased manner and release it with a feeling of detachment. Then the practices give an opportunity to penetrate into deeper levels of consciousness and achieve a positive transformation of the self. The essence of Mai Ram Yoga practices is self-development, growth and nurturing of body consciousness rather than body beauty, flexibility and youthfulness. 
Mai Ram Yoga Advanced I
Mai Ram Yoga Advanced I is an intense asana, pranayama and bandha practice intended for people who have mastered M.R.Y. Basic level.
Mai Ram Yoga Advanced II  
Mai Ram Yoga Advanced II is an asana, pranayama and bandha practice of high intensity intended for those who have been regular practitioners and have mastered the M.R.Y. Advanced I
Mai Ram Yoga Master
The Mai Ram Yoga Master practice is intended for people practising M.R.Y. Basic and Advanced I, II regularly.