Meditation practice

Mai Ram Devi Kriya ir Meditacija
Mai Ram Yoga Kriya is a meditation practice of the Nath yogi tradition intended for expanding consciousness and revealing the true human nature. Kriya (Skt. kriyā) means an action, which cleanses consciousness from impurities. The Mai Ram Yoga Kriya meditation practice enriches each being, irrespective of his or her beliefs, position, origin or race.
Mai Ram Yoga Kriya meditation practice develops mind control, helps to calm the states of mind, that prevent penetrating into the self. Mai Ram Yoga Kriya is practiced with discipline and consistency that enable a purposeful development, the understanding of personal changes and changes in the surrounding world. Systematic and conscious practice of Mai Ram Yoga Kriya harmonises the whole human being and expands the consciousness.
The purpose of Mai Ram Yoga Kriya meditation practice is to acquire and develop spiritual knowledge through concentration and focus of attention. Self-development is not possible without a clear mind and intellect, that has the ability to identify, reflect on and perceive the experiences. 
Mai Ram Yoga Kriya meditation practice is passed on and initiated by the Guru.
Mai Ram Yoga Kriya is intended for both beginners and advanced practitioners of Mai Ram Yoga
The course consists of theoretical lectures, the training of the meditation practice and initiation into M.R.Y. Kriyā.
 Initiates into Mai Ram Yoga Kriya meditation practice should consciously uphold their personal practice at home, ashram, during camps and retreats with Guru. 
 Introduction to the Mai Ram Yoga Kriya meditation practice at the Mai Ram Yoga Ashram