Basic Teacher Training Course



Intensive Mai Ram Yoga Basic Level

Teacher Training Course 

Mai Ram Yoga Ashram, Augustijonu str. 2, Vilnius, Lithuania



Mai Ram Yoga Basic is a technique intended for yoga practitioners and
yoga teachers or instructors who work at yoga centres, sports and health clubs, schools or other institutions.  
Mai Ram Yoga Basic practices teach people concentration, self-awareness and help to maintain control over the mind and body functions. Consistent practice of Mai Ram Yoga facilitates adaptation to the ongoing changes in life, develops self-knowledge, the acceptance of the world as it is and creates the right attitude towards yourself and the life situations; as a result, there is a change in the reactions that take place within an organism.
During the intensive course you will be taught the Mai Ram Yoga Basic techniques, classical yoga philosophy, basics of Sanskrit,
the anatomy of yoga, technique of physical exercises (asanas), breathing (pranayama), as well as relaxation and meditation practices.
The course consists of 300 academic hours.

For more information:
 When you register and fill out a registration form, you will get
more detailed information including course fee, complete schedule and other
additional information about the course.
Registration will be announced in 2020.
Registration is by tel. +370 640 41 669 or email


will be awarded on completion of the course. After you pass an examination, a certificate will be awarded
that grants you the right to conduct yoga classes based on Mai Ram Yoga Basic/Open technique.


 Mai Ram Yoga Basic level teacher

Those who seek to become Mai Ram Yoga Basic teachers and who have completed the course are eligible to take the exams. On passing theoretical and practical examinations, the teacher receives:
· a diploma;
· a certificate that grants its holder the right to conduct yoga classes based on Mai Ram Yoga Basic Level and Mai Ram Yoga  Open Level techniques;
· a teacher’s guide which describes the essential yoga concepts for Basic Level yoga teachers;
· Mai Ram Yoga Basic Level practice techniques;
· Mai Ram Yoga Open Level practice techniques;
· a guide of yoga anatomy.


Techniques Contents Duration of practical lesson
Mai Ram Yoga Basic Level 15 practical yoga lessons and 1 additional, special relaxation practice 1 h. 30 min.
Mai Ram Yoga Open Level 5 practical yoga lessons 1 h. 15 min.



A short video from Mai Ram Yoga Summer Retreat 
for Certified Yoga Teachers 2014.

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