Adhikari, Studies for Advanced Yoga Teachers

Mai Ram Yoga Adhikari,

studies for advanced teachers


Yoga Adhikari (in Sanskrit, योग अधिकारी yoga adhikārī) is an advanced teacher,

who has the right to spread the teaching of classical integrated M.R.Y. 


M.R.Y. Adhikari teacher studies – is a level II program that consists of the methodology of Guru Mai Ram’s integrated classical yoga, which develops body and the mind.

Those, who aim to study the level II M.R.Y. Adhikari program must have a valid certificate of Mai Ram Yoga Basic Level. An aspiration of every M.R.Y. Basic Level teacher is to improve and deepen their knowledge and practice in yoga. Adhikari teacher studies is the next step for a yoga teacher. An aspiration of M.R.Y. Basic Level teacher is to grow and aim for M.R.Y. Adhikari.