Sarasvati Ram, Yoga Basic teacher

Evelina was born on the 8th of January, 1984.

She works as a hair stylist in her studio. She likes the job requiring creativity, responsibility, concentration and interaction with people.

Since childhood, Evelina has been interested in existential questions, and it encouraged her to seek for  a spiritual teacher.

In 2009, Evelina began practising yoga in Mai Ram Yoga Ashram, where she met Guru Mai Ram Devi.

Various yoga practices at the ashram have helped and is still helping her comprehensive development. Thanks to the Guru and yoga practices, the quality of her life has begun to change.

Life is a wonderful gift intended for us: for the practice, for the disclosure of our true essence.

In 2013 Evelina has become a Mai Ram Yoga teacher and is teaching Mai Ram Yoga for the pregnant and Basic level asana classes.