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Guru Mai Ram Devi

Guru Mai Ram is a successor of the sampradaya or lineage of Aghora Kapali Nath yogis. Mai Ram has been given the spiritual power and knowledge of the yogi tradition. Initiates into this sadhana receive a spiritual name ending in the mantraRam’, which means divinity.

Guru Mai Ram was born in Lithuania on 15 January 1969, the day of the Makara Sankranti festival. Makara Sankranti is the return of the Sun from the dark period to the light one, when He starts moving to the North. This day symbolises the end of ignorance and the beginning of truthfulness through a change of the state of darkness into the state of light. It is Makara Sankranti that was the day of Mahasamadhi of Guru Hari Ram, a great siddha of this lineage, whose ashram in Varanasi, India, is a place where Guru Mai Ram continues the sadhana of Nath yogis. Also, Guru Mai Ram conducts her sadhana in Lithuania, at the initiated Mai Ram Yoga Ashram in Vilnius.

The Naths are the guardians, lords and masters of yoga. Aghora in Sanskrit means a non-dualistic state of consciousness, while Kapali refers to a skull symbolising the universe. An Aghori, revealing the state of divinity, holds a skull in his hand. An Aghori is a being who has transcended duality and perceived the highest unity. The Aghora Kapali Nath yogis tradition is Guru Parampara – it is passed from a teacher to a disciple by word of mouth. The austere sadhana, the continuous link with spiritual knowledge, asceticism and isolation have prevented the loss of the tradition that is considered an untold treasure as it guards the unbelievable spiritual powers or siddhis (perfect supernatural abilities).


Parama Guru Narendra Ram Guru Anil Ram ir Mai Ram Devi Varanasis Parama Guru Narendra Ram, Mai Ram and Guru Anil Ram
 Mai Ram International Yoga Association


Guru Mai Ram is the founder of the Mai Ram International Yoga Association.

The association has been established for the purpose of developing and spreading the Nath yogi teaching according to the classical integrated Mai Ram Yoga, organising trainings, workshops and conferences and collaborating with allied organisations in Lithuania and abroad.
Mai Ram Yoga is classical yoga integrated by Guru Mai Ram for a present-day human. Mai Ram Yoga is based on Guru Mai Ram long-term practice experience of observing and teaching yoga people of different ages, different physical abilities, nationalities and races. Guru Mai Ram introduces yoga teaching in terms of practical, scientific and classical yoga approach. Mai Ram Yoga comprises a whole of practices fostered by the tradition, which help the practitioner to expand the consciousness. By observing personal discipline and consistent practice of the Mai Ram Yoga method, the human can adapt to changes occurring in life, promote personal growth and maturity, maintain health, develop the acceptance of the world and form a correct approach towards the self and the environment.

Every year the M.R.I.Y. Association organizes qualified yoga teacher training courses, involving people of all ages from Lithuania, European countries, Russia, America, Canada, India. In Mai Ram Yoga ashram, centers, studios in Lithuania and other countries, the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of classical yoga teaching are taught.



Guru Mai Ram Devi įnicijuotais mokyniai Mai Ram Yoga ašrame VilniujeGuru with initiated disciples in Mai Ram Yoga Ashram, Vilnius





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Guru Mai Ram Devi

Since 2009, Guru Mai Ram has conducted the sadhana at the Hari Ram Ashram in Varanasi, India, and since 2010 at the initiated Mai Ram Yoga Ashram in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Mai Ram Yoga Ashram, Vilnius, Lithuania


 Hari Ram Ashram, Varanasi, India