Hari Ram Ashram in Varanasi

Guru Mai Ram sadhana Hari Ram Ashrame VaranasisSadhana of Mai Ram Devi at the Hari Ram Ashram in Varanasi, India,Watch the video here >>>


 Sadhana Place of Mai Ram – Hari Ram Ashram 

in Varanasi, India 

The Hari Ram Ashram is a sacred place of the Guru, a spiritual habitat of a recluse, which during the festival of Makara Sankranti (14–15 January) became the site of the Mahasamadhi of Guru Hari Ram, the great siddha of the tradition, with whose blessing and power Guru Mai Ram came to Earth, as a successor of the tradition, on the same night. Makara Sankranti is the return of the Sun from the dark period to the light one when He starts moving northwards. This day symbolises the end of ignorance and the beginning of truthfulness.

On 6 November 2014, the Hari Ram Ashram in Varanasi witnessed the Mahasamadhi of Guru Narendra Ram, the Parama Guru of Mai Ram Devi. Mahasamadhi is the great exit, a conscious exit from the body for merging with Supreme Consciousness and escaping rebirth in samsara (the wheel of births and deaths).

Guru Narendra Ram, together with Guru Anil Ram, has passed the teaching of the sampradaya of Aghora Kapali Nath yogis and the spiritual power of the Nath yogi tradition to Guru Mai Ram Devi. Guru Narendra Ram has initiated the Mai Ram Yoga Ashram of the Nath yogi sampradaya in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Guru Mai Ram is a successor of the Guru parampara tradition of Aghora Kapali Nath yogis. Since 2009, Guru Mai Ram has conducted a sadhana (spiritual practice) at the Hari Ram Ashram in Varanasi, India, and since 2010 at the Mai Ram Yoga Ashram in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Guru Narendra Ram

Moments with Parama Guru Narendra Ram
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Hari Ram Ashram

Varanasi, India


Hari Ram Ashram