Introduction to Yoga

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Yoga is …

Yoga is the genuine heritage for our present and future, which has been preserved throughout millennia. The practice of yoga is a need of everyday life and the future of entire humanity, not restricted by any cultural or geographical limitations. Yoga is neither a religion nor a philosophy, but rather a regular practice for the purpose of perceiving one’s unity with the Truth of the Creator.

Yoga is a life science that helps us to know the self and find concord with the world around us. A consistent yoga practice opens up a path of wisdom and knowledge, allows seeing the unity of the variety of phenomena and brings harmony to one’s life. 

The Universe is in constant transformation, change and movement. All sudden changes in the outer world each time remind one of the instability and fragility of life. Changeability reveals the hopelessness of human efforts to create an oasis of stability and peace in life. Peace is only possible when our internal stability is beyond the influence of any external factors. Then there is nothing that could disturb and influence us or alienate us from the true path or dharma
Mai Ram Devi

About Classical integrated Mai Ram Yoga

Mai Ram Yoga is a classical yoga integrated by Guru Mai Ram for a present-day human to foster self-knowledge. 

 The purpose of Mai Ram Yoga is to mature practitioner’s inner consciousness and its expansion, transcending the limitations created by the mind and body. Continuous development of self-knowledge through the inner will and awareness leads toward the purpose, until finally consciousness rises above the mental level. Targeted effort, dedication, body and mind development allow a practitioner to achieve knowledge of the true nature. Such path of self-knowledge is the main purpose of the integrated Mai Ram Yoga teaching.



Why are the visitors of the Ashram required to complete the course ‘Introduction to Mai Ram Yoga’? 

The introductory course is meant for people who wish to practice yoga at the Mai Ram Yoga Ashram. The purpose of the introduction is to provide information on classical yoga in order that a person could  practise consciously. Because only conscious yoga practice can help a person to adapt to life’s changes: learn to overcome stress and disease, acquire the ability to retain balance and belief in inner power, disclose oneself in creative work and preserve harmony in the family and relationships with others.


During yoga lectures and classes,

you will be introduced to:


The aspects of classical integrated Mai Ram Yoga psychology, philosophy and spiritual knowledge 

The origin of Mai Ram Yoga – the ancient Indian Nath yogi (masters of yoga) tradition and the importance of knowledge transfer

The Mai Ram Yoga method and the trends that unite it

The principles of Mai Ram Yoga practice

The techniques of the Mai Ram Yoga asanas and pranayama, the aspects of anatomy and physiology




As you complete the course “Introduction to Mai Ram Yoga“, you will be able to practise and gain deeper knowledge at the ashram, attending retreats, camps, workshops and studies of different levels organised by the ashram. With consistent practice, yoga will become a tool in your life that helps you to preserve health, overcome obstacles and find balance and peace by turning life into joy…