The movie reveals the entirety of Mai Ram Yoga ashram activities (currently being created)


Mai Ram Yoga Ashram is a sacred place of authentic yoga teaching, home of Guru Mai Ram, consecrated by the Aghora kapalin nath yogis’ teaching lineage, where Mai Ram is fulfilling the spiritual practice (sadhana). Since 2009, Mai Ram Devi has been fulfilling the sadhana at the Hari Ram ashram in Varanasi, India, and since 2010 at the Mai Ram Yoga ashram in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2019, the construction of a new Mai Ram Yoga ashram has begun in Varanasi, India.

M.R.Y. ashram is the place of yoga tradition, where authentic yoga teaching is being spread. Ashram is the place where people are learning classical yoga and gaining physical as well as spiritual wellbeing.






 Guru hall at the ashram