Tirtha Yatra to the Himalayas to the Source of the Ganges

Tirtha Yatra with Guru Mai Ram 

To the Himalayas to the source of the Ganges


8 – 23 October 2022




 Guru Mai Ram Devi Rishikes slaider




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Tirtha (Skt. तीर्थ, tīrtha) in Sanskrit means a sacred site, while yatra (Skt. यात्रा, yātrā) means journey. 

One may go on many travels and pilgrimages to sacred places in life. Visiting a sacred place is not sadhana (Skt. साधना sādhanā – spiritual practice).

Tirtha yatra becomes sadhana only with the knowledge of the Guru. Tirtha is also a word for certain cities, temples, intersections of holy rivers, mountains, rocks, lakes and some other places, where divine power and miracles manifest. Tirthas are sacred places for meditation, repentance and the opening of knowledge.


Tirtha yatra involves the acts of worship, penance and rituals, meditation, and various yogic practices for the unity of the self. Tirtha yatra is the basis of selfless living (sadachara), which helps to destroy negativity, purifies the mind and gives knowledge of one’s true nature and existential being. Sadachara is the performance of daily purification rituals during the yatra, consisting of snana, the ritual of bathing and taking a dip in holy water, and puja, the ritual of worship and sacrifice.


Yatra with the Guru is an intense discipline (tapas). While on ordinary days the practitioner spends a small amount of time on practice and a larger amount of time on worldly activities, on yatra days the practitioner’s focus is on the Guru’s teachings and the state of divinity. During the yatra, the seeker tries to foster the knowledge of the Self while maintaining detachment from worldly works and thoughts. 


Tirtha yatra cannot be compared to any other practice, as the fruit of this intense practice is a blessing (darshan) of Adi Nath Shiva. Adi Nath’s darshan is the blessing that comes through the Guru, while visiting the sacred place where Adi Nath’s knowledge, protection and power are manifested. It is a great chance to receive Adi Nath’s grace and spiritual knowledge through the Guru. 



Photos from Tirtha Yatra 2015