Yoga Retreats


A retreat is withdrawal and isolation driven by the desire for self-knowledge.


M.R.Y. Retreat


Retreat is an isolation, with a purpose of developing one’s individual yoga practice. Retreat is a period, during which a person distances him/herself from everyday activities, aiming for a deeper self-knowledge.

M.R.Y. retreats follow a system of five elements of nature, created by Guru Mai Ram. Each day of the retreat the practices are characterized by a unique analysis of nature, matter and origin. Also, it is important to hold inner and outer silence. In the mornings and evenings people at the retreat get to participate in various rituals, practice meditation and study classical yogic scriptures. During the day, participants practice karma yoga (selfless activity), perform asana and pranayama techniques, learn procedures for cleansing the body of toxins.

During a retreat, living conditions are simple, and during a strict retreat, they are ascetic. The meals are light, vegetarian.


Yoga Camp for Families

Mai Ram Yoga vasaros jogos stovykla 2013watch the video here>>>


 Mai Ram Yoga camps are intended for parents with children. The purpose of the camp is practising yoga with family. Parents and their children are immersed in yoga practices from early morning till night.

Yoga teachers help children to understand themselves and the surrounding world, the laws and order that exist in nature, to develop their talents, and form meaningful life goals.

The camps include various yoga practices that are suited for both – parents and children.

The diet is light, vegetarian.



Retreat for Mai Ram Yoga Teachers 


The retreat is intended for meeting with Guru Mai Ram, developing one’s practice as a yoga teacher and deepening the knowledge of yoga teaching.