Asana Practice Levels

Mai Ram Yoga asana practice is a system of certain yogic techniques, created by Guru Mai Ram, called krama vinyasa, i.e. a repeated sequence of body positions. Through a conscious repeated action, using his/her body, a yoga practitioner can penetrate into, understand and eliminate underlying physical and mental problems.

Asana practices of different levels take place at the M.R.Y. ashram every day. Everyone, who has completed the course “Introduction to Mai Ram Yoga”, is invited to join. 

During asana practice we perform asanas (body positions) and asana sequences – their purpose is to help a person release various tensions, develop concentration, exuberance and well-being.

M.R.Y. asana practice harmoniously connects dynamic sequences (vinyasas) and static asanas. Dynamic sequences help to become physically stronger, more exuberant, stretch various groups of muscles, eliminate slag and toxins from the body. While holding the static asanas, we focus our attention on regulating our breath, relaxing the body and creating a harmonious circulation of energy in the body. Asanas, which open up the shoulders and chest, help to maintain a healthy function of respiratory organs, twists strengthen the digestive system, inversions are beneficial to our psyche, give emotional stability and maintain the nervous system in harmony. A regular asana practice helps to maintain health of the hormonal system, regulates the activity of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and is also especially beneficial to our psychological state – it gives self-confidence, strengthens will power and determination. Asana practice teaches us how to observe ourselves, which allows us to reduce our impulsive reactions – gradually it becomes easier to be in control of our actions, utterings and thoughts. 

M.R.Y. asana practice holds an important quality that makes this teaching different from the classes in other yoga studios as well as various sports that train the body – that is the practitioner’s focus on his/her inner field rather than on trying to achieve a perfect or the most impressive external body position. The aim of this practice isn’t a perfect physical body, but rather inner harmony, calm and stability. This practice is suitable for everyone, regardless of one’s age, gender or abilities of the body. Strengthening our physical health and calming us down, this practice helps to turn the body into a support, which enables us to experience various life changes while maintaining harmony and staying on the path of fostering deeper self knowledge.


The method of Mai Ram Yoga asanas is divided into five levels, based on complexity of the practice:

Mai Ram Yoga Open

Mai Ram Yoga Open practice of asanas and pranayama is for everyone who wish to start practicing yoga. M.R.Y. Open practice consists of five classes, during which people learn how to breath correctly, how to perform sequences of asanas and relax. After such systematic practice one feels a positive effect that promotes further progress.

Mai Ram Yoga Basic


Mai Ram Yoga Basic practice of asanas and pranayama is a more complex practice, which consists of fifteen classes. It includes deeper techniques of asanas and pranayama that help to eliminate various tensions, bring about stability and develop concentration.

M.R.Y. Basic practice helps to listen to the body and, observing oneself impartially, learn how to relax, release tensions and positively transform oneself.

 Mai Ram Yoga for Children
It is the practice of asanas which is specially adapted for children, helping them to develop self-discipline, attentiveness, maintain health of the body, and train their physical and mental abilities. 

Mai Ram Yoga for Pregnancy 
It is the system of five classes which consists of asana and pranayama practices intended for pregnant women. The purpose of these practices is to help a soon-to-be mother to retain health, prepare for the process of giving birth, gather inner peace and maintain harmony with the environment and the baby. 
Mai Ram Yoga Basic Therapy
It is the practice of asanas and pranayama which consists of fifteen classes. This practice is adapted for people who seek self-knowledge but have various health problems. M.R.Y. Basic Therapy asana practice develops concentration and self-analysis through the human body. This practice helps to understand the body, listen to oneself without creating negative emotions and learn to accept as well as observe oneself, one’s illness, heaviness and pain, releasing it and not becoming attached to it.

The essence of M.R.Y. practices lies not in the beauty of the body, its flexibility, etc., but rather in the development of self-knowledge and the maturing the awareness of the body.

Mai Ram Yoga Advanced I

Mai Ram Yoga Advanced I is an intense practice of asanas and pranayama that consists of ten classes and is intended for people who have mastered M.R.Y. Basic level.

Mai Ram Yoga Advanced II  


Mai Ram Yoga Advanced II is a difficult and intense practice of advanced level asana sequences and pranayama, which consists of two classes and is intended for those who have been practicing pranayama and M.R.Y. Advanced I asana practice regularly and have mastered it.

Mai Ram Yoga Master


Guru Mai Ram asana

Mai Ram Yoga Master practice is intended for everyone, who practice M.R.Y. Basic and Advanced I, II regularly.

This practice consists of one class, during which asanas are practiced statically and held for an extended period of time, in order to relax the body more deeply, eliminate various blocks and regulate the breath consciously.