Meditation practice

Mai Ram Devi Kriya ir Meditacija

Mai Ram Yoga Meditation Practice

The purpose of Mai Ram Yoga meditation practices is one’s spiritual development. These practices, passed on directly by a Guru to a disciple, allow one to cleanse his/her consciousness from impurities by putting in the necessary work, and attain the state of calmed consciousness.

In everyday life, our attention tends to go outwards and the objects, on which we are focusing, keep changing – we see changing views, hear different sounds, we touch, smell, taste… In this way our senses gather information about the environment, so that we can get to know it. But not every one of us dedicate time for the opposite process – focusing our attention inwards in order to observe ourselves and get to know our own selves more deeply. Meditation practice is necessary for us to develop concentration, which is very important for improving our brain activity. Also, meditation helps to eliminate various impurities from the consciousness that distract us and create obstacles, which prevent us from feeling calmness within, i.e. various fears, attachments, endless desires, dissatisfaction, complexes, etc.

Classical MRY teaching tells us that during meditation we must first calm down the body (by choosing a comfortable and stable meditational body position), we should breath calmly and try to draw our senses away from outside objects, so that they don’t interfere with our attention. When meditating, we learn to focus on a particular meditation object and maintain this focus for an increasingly longer period of time.

Meditation practice and meditational techniques (kriyas) of an authentic yoga teaching are truly very beneficial for a human. These practices that have existed for thousands of years and are passed on by yogic traditions, are authoritative, and their effect has been proven through modern science as well as medicine. Meditation affects the entire body – brain function, nervous system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, immune system and others. Scientific studies have proven that long-term meditation practice has a strong effect on the brain – it significantly slows down the degenerative processes in the brain, which start taking place with age. Also, it thickens the brain cortex and increases the volume of grey matter. This results in better memory, emotional stability and conscious behavior. By developing concentration and the ability to observe ourselves impartially, we learn to calm our impulsive reactions down, remove tension and decrease the effect of stress on our lives. That is especially important for one’s psychological wellbeing. Through the practice we become less dependent on the environment and gradually learn to maintain the inner calmness despite the constantly changing environment.

At the Mai Ram Yoga ashram, there are meditation classes for beginners that can be attended by all those who have completed the course “Introduction to Mai Ram Yoga”.

Also, at the Mai Ram Yoga ashram, there are Mai Ram Yoga Kryja I and II meditation classes that can be attended only by those who have completed the course “Introduction to Mai Ram Yoga Kriya I meditation practice” and have received initiation to Kriya I, and, afterwards, have completed the course “Introduction to Mai Ram Yoga Kriya II meditation practice” and have received initiation to Kriya II.

We invite you to join the practices!