Guru Mai Ram Pranayama


Pranayama (Skt. प्राणायाम prāṇāyāma) – is regulation of breath, breath control. The breathing practice helps to accumulate stores of vital energy. Its main purpose is bringing balance to the bodily functions and making them compatible with cosmic rhythms. 

In order to master pranayama, one must have an experienced teacher. Otherwise, the pranayama practice can be dangerous.

One-hour pranayama (or breath regulation) classes take place at the ashram on Mondays and Wednesdays. During these classes we learn to consciously observe and regulate our inhalation and exhalation.

Before starting to attend pranayama practices, it is important to complete the course “Introduction to pranayama practice”, which is organized at the ashram regularly, twice a year.


There are the following techniques of M.R.Y. pranayama practice:

  1. M.R.Y. Pranayama I – Basic level breathing practice for beginners.
  2. M.R.Y. Pranayama II – Advanced I level breathing practice for advanced practitioners.  
  3. M.R.Y. Pranayama III – Advanced II level breathing practice for advanced practitioners, who practice Advanced II level of asanas and pranayama.
  4. Individual M.R.Y. Pranayama practice for practicing at home.


Usually we breathe without thinking about this activity, i.e. automatically. This way, we do not make use of the full volume of our lungs, so the breathing becomes shallow. Also, because of stress and tension that we experience, the flow of breath becomes disturbed, which negatively influences the activity of the body. During pranayama practice we learn to consciously regulate the breath, slowing it down. Through the observation of the air flows, we develop an ability to fully engage the entire volume of our lungs. In such way, through a constant pranayama practice the volume of our lungs increases, respiratory organs begin effectively providing oxygen to all cells of the body. This strengthens the immunity, improves digestion, encourages elimination of toxins, brain activity, strengthens the body and creates resistance to illnesses.

Breath is closely related not only to health of the body, but also person’s mind and his/her inner state. Deep and rhythmic breath helps to relax, let go of accumulated physical and mental tensions, and eliminate various obstructions that block the free movement of vital energy, or prana. Pranayama practice helps to focus on the inner field. Through the observation of breathing, the senses start to calm down, and when the senses calm down, so does the mind. Calm mind is the main factor, which helps to make the right decisions without losing inner harmony, and adapt to various changes that are constantly taking place. Pranayama practice deepens the realization of our essence, gives us an understanding of the manifestation of life.