Mai Ram International Yoga Association
The Mai Ram International Yoga Association (M.R.I.Y.A.) has been established for the purpose of developing and promoting the classical integrated Mai Ram Yoga, a unique yoga system developed by Guru Mai Ram Devi over her long years of practice, which is passed on by the classical yoga tradition. 
Certificated Mai Ram Yoga teachers develop and spread the teaching of classical yoga around the world.
Each year, the Association organizes courses of various levels of yoga teachers, studies, conducts various trainings, seminars and conferences, collaborates with other similar organisations in Lithuania and abroad. 
The Mai Ram International Yoga Association is a legal institution, established for those who want to become certificated Mai Ram Yoga teachers and spread the teaching of classical yoga.
The regulations of the Mai Ram International Yoga Association

The purposes of the Association are:
  • Promoting and developing Mai Ram Yoga.
  • Supporting Mai Ram Yoga teachers and providing methodological and technical assistance to them.
  • Supporting persons important for the activities of the Association.
  • Organising yoga trainings, conferences and missions.
  • Collaborating and exchanging information with other allied organisations in Lithuania and abroad and, if needed, joining such organizations; providing and enhancing conditions favourable for learning Mai Ram Yoga.
The areas and types of activities of the Association are:
  • Developing and improving the Mai Ram Yoga method, and spreading the knowledge of classical yoga.
  • Publishing Mai Ram Yoga texts for information, promotional, research and methodological purposes.
  • Organising workshops, seminars, conferences and other training events. 
M.R.I.Y.A. social activity,
seminars and lectures
Certificated Mai Ram Yoga teachers conduct practical yoga classes, lectures, presentations, seminars according to Mai Ram Yoga method at various centers, studios, sports centers and other public organizations, events or conferences.
 M.R.I.Y.A. together with Vilnius city municipality organized
free yoga classes for residents of Vilnius in 2013-2014.
Every year, M.R.I.Y.A. together with the Indian consulate organize the International Day of Yoga.

Vilniuas ir Mai Ram Yoga logo
Consulate Of India
M.R.I.Y.A. prepares a training methodology for yoga teachers
and the training material for studies.

Electronic publications:

M.R.I.Y.A. website, training videos,

M.R.Y. video and audio lectures.




Mai Ram Yoga divisions in other counties

Yoga teachers holding valid certificates, teaching Mai Ram Yoga and wishing to establish yoga studios, schools or centres must obey the rules of conduct for teachers and the copyright of M.R.I.Y.A. and use M.R.I.Y.A. approved paraphernalia.

Persons willing to establish Mai Ram Yoga divisions abroad must ensure the legal registration of a division under a name of Mai Ram International Yoga Association. The name of a yoga studio, school or centre must feature the words Mai Ram Yoga and be approved by M.R.I.Y.A.





M.R.I.Y. Association membership

Duties of members of the Association:
  • Paying membership dues. Membership dues are compulsory for those who want to take a performance evaluation examination every 24 months under the established procedure. A performance evaluation examination upgrades the qualification of a teacher and extends his or her membership in the Association.
  • Maintaining the correct image of the Association.
  • Supporting the interests of the Association and refraining from any action that could be damaging to the image and activities of the Association.
  • Keeping confidential the teaching of Mai Ram Yoga and the Association’s decisions and documents that are deemed confidential by the General Meeting of Members. 
  • Obeying other rules of procedure approved by the General Meeting of Members.

The members of the Association are entitled to use the Association’s symbols under the procedure prescribed by the General Meeting of Members.