Guru Mai Ram has integrated classical yoga as a synthesis of practices for a present-day human, seeking to achieve self-knowledge, wellness and harmonious life.



Article 4(2)(2) of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Copyright and Related Rights, No. VIII-1185, passed on 18 May 1999, stipulates that the subject matter of copyright includes speeches, lectures, sermons and other oral works. Article 6(1) of this Law states that the author is a natural person who has created a work. Thus Mai Ram’s lectures, speeches and other oral works are the subject matter of copyright protected by the Law on Copyright. Any use of the original or copies of a work without the permission of the author, the author’s successor in title or duly authorised person is deemed illegal. Article 80(1) of this Law provides for compensation for non-pecuniary damage: A PERSON who has infringed personal non-pecuniary rights of the authors or performers referred to in this Law must compensate non-pecuniary damage inflicted, the amount of which expressed in money is determined by the court. Article 82 of the Law also foresees administrative and criminal liability for violations of copyright which is defined by the Code of Administrative Offenses and the Criminal Code.

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