Introduction to Yoga

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Yoga is …

In Sanskrit, the meaning of yoga is union, connection, link, being bound to the Absolute, Brahman, aiming for unity with Him.

Nowadays, in the Western world yoga is often understood as a combination of physical and breathing exercises. In yogic tradition “body yoga” is considered to be only a preparation for the spiritual yoga practice. The true essence of yoga is the path of self-knowledge and the wholeness of the world. Even though yoga has originated in India, it is practiced in the entire world. So, anyone, who seeks unity with the Creator, can be called a yogi.

So, yoga is the true heritage for our present and future, preserved throughout millennia. The yoga practice is the need of everyday life and future of the entire humanity, not restricted by any cultural or geographical limitations. Yoga is neither a religion nor a philosophy, but rather a regular practice for the purpose of perceiving one’s unity with the Creator’s Truth.

Yoga is the science of life that helps us to get to know ourselves and find concord with the world around us. A consistent yoga practice opens up a path of wisdom and knowledge, allows seeing the unity of various occurrences and brings harmony to one’s life.

The Universe is constantly transforming, changing and moving. All sudden changes in the outside world constantly remind us of life’s instability and fragility. These changes simply show the hopelessness of one’s efforts to create an oasis of stability and peace in life. Peace is only possible when our internal stability cannot be influenced by any external factors. Then there is nothing that could disturb, affect or distance us from our true path or dharma.


Guru Mai Ram




About Classical Integrated Mai Ram Yoga


Mai Ram Yoga is the classical yoga integrated by Guru Mai Ram for a present-day human to foster self-knowledge. The purpose of M.R.Y. is to mature practitioner’s inner consciousness and to expand it, until the limitations created by the body and mind are transcended. 


Those who want to practice Mai Ram Yoga must complete the course “Introduction to Mai Ram Yoga”.


During the lectures and practical yoga classes

You will be introduced to:

Aspects of classical integrated Mai Ram Yoga psychology, philosophy and spiritual knowledge;

Origin of M.R.Y. – the tradition of naths (masters of yoga) of ancient India and the importance of passing on the knowledge;

M.R.Y. method;

Principles of M.R.Y. practice;

Aspects of M.R.Y. sadhana, the spiritual yoga practice, a way to achieve perfection;

Techniques of M.R.Y. asanas and pranayama;

Basics of M.R.Y. meditation;

Aspects of anatomy and physiology that are important in the yoga practice.




After you complete the course “Introduction to Mai Ram Yoga“, you will be able to deepen your practice and knowledge at the ashram: attend asana practices, lectures on nutrition, as well as practices of pranayama, meditation and cleansing the body of toxins. You will be able to expand your practice by receiving spiritual knowledge of yoga directly from the Guru during satsangs, studying scriptures of classical yoga philosophy and psychology, attending retreats, camps, workshops and seminars of different level M.R.Y. teachings.

As your practice gradually expands, Mai Ram Yoga will become a tool of self-knowledge, self-control and living, revealing answers to existential questions, helping to preserve health, overcome life obstacles and find balance as well as peace.