Introduction to Mai Ram Yoga

The course “Introduction to Mai Ram Yoga” for those who wish to practice at the Mai Ram Yoga ashram, is planned in September, 2020.

The course “Introduction to Mai Ram Yoga” consists of 16 yoga classes that are scheduled twice a week. One yoga class lasts for 2 hours. 

The course is taught by Mai Ram Yoga teachers.  

This course is held in Lithuanian.




MRY ivadas skelbimui




You can read more about “Introduction to Mai Ram Yoga” here >>>


You need to pay for the introductory course before the first yoga class.

You may do this in several ways:

Pay for each class separately – 13 EUR per class;

Pay for the whole course at once – a membership for 16 yoga classes is 150 EUR.

There is a 10 % discount for family members, students and seniors.

We do not accept credit cards. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.




Registration is mandatory. Please call +370 640 41 669 or e-mail
For your registration, please give us your name, surname, phone number and e-mail.




For yoga practices you will need a comfortable outfit. We also recommend to have a notebook and a pen for your notes. Yoga mats and all other supplies that you might need, will be available, but if you wish, you may bring your own.