Yoga Therapy

Mai Ram Yoga Basic Therapy is asana and pranayama practice that consists of fifteen classes. This practice is adapted for people who seek self-knowledge but have various health problems. 

M.R.Y. Basic Therapy asana practice develops concentration and self-analysis through the human body. This practice helps to understand the body, listen to oneself without creating negative emotions and learn to accept as well as observe oneself, one’s illness, heaviness and pain, releasing it and not becoming attached to it.

The essence of M.R.Y. practices lies not in the beauty of the body, its flexibility, etc., but rather in the development of self-knowledge and the maturing the awareness of the body.


 Alma is a teacher of the yoga practices.

Mai Ram Yoga terapijos mokytoja Alma

On Tuesdays and Thursdays

16.45 – 18.15 p.m.
(Duration of the yoga practice: 1 hour 30 min.)


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