Satsang (Skt. सत्सङ्ग, satsaṅga) is a meeting and communication with the Guru.

In Sanskrit, sat means the Truth, and sanga means connecting, communicating with a spiritual Teacher, Guru.

Satsang is a way of passing on the teaching of yoga. Till this day, in a yogic tradition the teaching is passed on directly from the Guru to the disciple, and this process is called a satsang. Satsang is a foundation of the entire classical yoga and is the main M.R.Y. principle, which directly means a connection with the Guru and the real Truth.

 In the yogic tradition, the Guru is a spiritual yoga teacher, who knows the secret of sacred yoga teaching, is knowledgeable about yoga teaching, and leads people on the path of yoga. The Guru conveys the guidelines of spiritual knowledge to people, the meaning and purpose of life, explains how to reveal our essence and what obstacles and dangers to watch out for on the spiritual path. The Guru is a guide, who enlightens the direction and provides the tools, but a person has to walk the path him/herself.

Guru Mai Ram satsangas No1


OM Tat Sat